My work consists of abstract paintings made with acrylics. For the past few years my main focus has been on observing the relationships the adjacent and overlapping colors have on the canvas.  As a method of painting I repeat a single small element, such as a dot or a line, to form the desired composition. My aim is to  explore how making subtle changes in color shades or alternating the density of the dots on the canvas affect the tone and light value of colors in each piece.

Repetition is a slow way to form paintings and it entails certain sense of calm that appeals to me. I am at my happiest and most at peace with myself when I paint. From this peace I believe, stems also the potential for my paintings to contain deeper meanings beyond being expeditions of color play. To my mind the slow manner of filling the canvas with small recuring elements can be representative of a society composed of individuals, the cells of a living organism or even outer space with all its stars.